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Parallel to our Finders Keepers event development, our website has become a leading resource for the Australian art and design community. We provide a supportive platform through both our website and our social media channels that celebrates the diverse offerings found within the larger creative community.

Advertising with the Finders Keepers is an excellent opportunity to connect with our large following. They’re an engaged and passionate bunch who are keen to connect with those that share their desire to drive commercial change through the support of local, creative, ethical and sustainable businesses. In addition, your investment provides support for our team to continue on our mission to nurture this vital creative community.

We believe that our advertisers should be an extension of our brand, and we are committed to working with other businesses whose values are closely aligned to ours.

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We love advertising online with The Finders Keepers. They make it fun and easy to get results. Most importantly, they connect with an Australian audience. - Naomi Murrell

My ad on The Finders Keepers website is some of the best advertising money I’ve ever spent. The amount of visits I get to my online store is well in excess of other ads I’ve tried. I feel having a constant presence on their blog helps build awareness of my label to a well suited audience and in turn proves beneficial at the Finders Keepers market events. - Lauren, Oktoberdee

The Finders Keepers web ad brings in more web traffic than any other ad we run. We also notice a spike in web traffic and sales on the weekends of the events, even when we are not attending. - Andrew, A Skulk of Foxes