An immersive weekend celebrating creativity and community

Are you set to climb a mindful making mountain? Ready to rumble in the creative jungle? Watch and learn from masters of their crafts, and, listen and learn about the magic that happens behind the scenes of Finders Keepers' makers.

Watch at your own pace

All videos are 'watch at your own pace'. So while we will drop new videos here each day, it will remain live all weekend. There's a licorice assortment to choose from. Any which way you do it, join in at home by following and sharing using #finderskeepersathome.

Behind the Scenes:

Catch a glimpse into how your favourite creatives work, and hear from their hearts as they share their space with you.

Studio Demonstration

Take a peek into how makers create, design and assemble the products they bring to the markets.

A Day in the Life of:

Ever wondered how makers & creators spend their days? Catch a glimpse into a creative world.

How-to Guides:

Want to learn something new? Check out some step by step video tutorials from the best in the market business.


Check out our Spotify curated playlist of over 30 artists who've graced the Finders Keepers stages over the last few years. Curated by the wonderful and talented music coordinator Georgia Mooney, this will be up and running for you to enjoy all weekend!

10am: Behind the Scenes Maker Videos

Artisanal Soapmaking with Washpool Skin Wellness

From lab to lather, find out how to take luxurious oils and butters and create natural soap with Washpool Skin Wellness.

A studio tour with Tegan Iversen

Step into Tegan's home studio, filled with colourful art supplies, cute knick-knacks and a cameo appearance by her studio buddy, her mum, Ann.

MLR Studio Hangs

Spend some time with Marie-Lauren Romano the founder of MLR, a jewellery brand that flips a bling-stacked middle-finger at convention and conformity.

Printmaking and afternoon hangs with Nice Digs and Wolf & Mishka

Georgia from Nice Digs and Nat from Wolf & Mishka create an exclusive pillowcase print, to brighten your days at home.

11am: Studio demonstration Maker Videos

Making demo: From pattern to product with Fabric Drawer

A little video about how Fabric Drawer products are created.

Making demo: The Time It Takes with Milk Thieves

A peek into what goes into creating a Milk Thieves product - all handmade and hand coloured on the South Coast of NSW by Emma-Lee.

Making demo: Hand painting porcelain pendant with Katherine Wheeler

Using a fine sable brush to hand paint an underglaze illustration on a raw porcelain piece. The piece will then be glazed and fired by Katherine Wheeler

12pm: A day in the life of Maker Videos

A day in the life, behind the scenes of Jamie Mumford Jewellery

Come for a tour around Jamie's studio and see how she creates her handmade statement resin jewellery.

A day in the life of The Feather Bird

An insight into a day in the life of the juggle between small business ownership and parenting! by The Feather Bird.

2pm: How-to Tutorial Videos

How-to: Make an art print with The Nonsense Maker

A step-by-step guide on how The Nonsense Maker creates art prints, from the illustration all the way through to the packaging.

How-to: Make a cup with Pilar Rojas

Pilar will guide you step by step to turn a lump of clay into a coffee cup that you can make and use at home by Pilar Rojas.

5pm: Brookie's Cocktail Hour

Brookie’s Gin is handcrafted in the Byron Bay hinterland, with 100% natural locally sourced ingredients.

Distilled with 25 botanicals, 17 of which are indigenous to the Northern Rivers area in NSW, the Brookie’s Gin range has a fresh and unique flavour profile reflective of its sub-tropical rainforest location.

Produced by the highly-awarded and globally recognised Cape Byron Distillery.

Download recipes under the LOVE tab.

Brookie's Cocktail Series: Byron Negroni

Brookie's Cocktail Series: Mac & Pash

All video content was made and supplied with full permission from the designers and artists part of the Finders Keepers at Home program.

at Home
Curated by Georgia Mooney

A message from our music coordinator, Georgia Mooney

Welcome to the music line up for the Finders Keepers at Home weekend. It’s been my pleasure to bring live music to Finders Keepers for a number of years; it adds something really special to the market experience.

For Finders Keepers at Home, I want to bring great Australian music right into your home! On Friday night, we collaborated to present our very first Live Stream Concert featuring an amazing line-up of songwriters performing from their living rooms, especially for the Finders Keepers community.

After a day perusing the wonderful wares of our stall holders, I highly recommend pouring yourself a drink, kicking back and tuning in to the show! See the poster for times, and hop from one Instagram page to the next to watch each artist perform. It’s nothing short of a magical, musical treasure map!

There’s also a curated playlist of artists who’ve graced the Finders Keepers stages over the last few years. This will be up and running for you to enjoy all weekend!

Like Finders Keepers, the music industry has also been hit hard by COVID-19 and the subsequent restrictions on gatherings. If you can support the Australian music industry, I encourage you to donate to Support Act – Australia’s only charity delivering crisis relief services to artists, crew and music workers in need. I also encourage you to follow the links below to stream and buy merch from these incredible musicians.

Many thanks and enjoy the show!

Georgia x



Angie McMahon

Richard Cuthbert


Miss Eileen & King Lear


Lisa Caruso

Brian Campeau

Fanny Lumsden

Milan Ring


Ruby Gill

Julia Johnson


Emma Davis


Brooke Russell & The Mean Reds


TJ Patrick

Hannah Cameron

Jeremy Neale


Jordan Merrick


Loni Rae Thomson



Anna Cordell


Davey Lane


10am: Behind the Scenes Maker Videos

In the studio with Lauren from Ochre Ceramics

Ochre Ceramics is an ethically crafted jewellery label, detailing the beauty in materiality. Blending ceramic, with fine metal to create pieces that honour texture and elegance.

Flowers and flowers! with Beehaus Flowers

When one does not have words one must have flowers! A behind the scenes clip with Beehaus Flowers.

Design meets Conservation with Eggpicnic

Inside Eggpicnic's studio and creative process. Featuring Australia's critically endangered, vulnerable and iconic fauna.

The practice and making of Slow Clothing with High Tea with Mrs Woo

The sisters of High Tea with Mrs Woo invite you into their workshop to provide some insight into slow clothing, slow wearing and slow mending practices.

11am: Studio demonstration Maker Videos

Making demo: Collage Artwork with Andrea Smith

Watch a hyperlapse of Andrea Smith creating one part of her signature collage artworks.

Making demo: Kangaroo Leather Bi-fold Card Wallet, by Blackinkk

Small, yet mighty - designed and made for the modern minimalist at Blackinkk's light and airy studio in Brisbane.

Making demo: The woodland candle, by bon lux

Watch bon lux make their natural perfume blend 'woodland' into their popular smoky-scented, forest-themed candle.

Making demo: Knitting with Loré Loré

Watch Lorena at work sharing the knitting process of the much loved Loré Loré Turban.

12pm: A day in the life of Maker Videos

Little moments with KOA

A day in the life of KOA by Kaitlin, handmade ceramics for you and your home.

An Autumn Day In The Studio with Bridget Farmer

A day in the life of printmaker Bridget Farmer. Revealing the whole process from start to finish how she makes her original etchings.

2pm: How-to Tutorial Videos

How-to: DIY Solutions to Revamp Your Wardrobe with Bilboa

Easy and quick at home fix to bring a hint of colour and print to transform tired garments with Bilboa.

How-to: Ceramic Blob Dog Tutorial with Bonnie Hislop

Learn how to make your own cute ceramic doggo sculpture! with Bonnie Hislop

How-to: Skincare with Eunoia Soul Rituals

With Eunoia, your skincare routine becomes a mindfulness practice.

Friday Night Live Stream Concert (via the artists Instagram)

Our music line-up and links directly to artists Instagram to watch LIVE! If you'd like to support Australian music you can via support

All video content was made and supplied with full permission from the designers and artists part of the Finders Keepers at Home program.

10am: Behind the Scenes Maker Videos

Behind the Scenes with Two Plums

Michelle from Two Plums gives you a vulnerable insight into her daily creative practice, and carries you along whilst she makes a small batch of Droplets.

Studio Tour with The Little Flame Co

Come in and have a look around The Studio with Cheyenne at The Little Flame Co - behind the scenes look at where all the candle magic is made, how it got here and what we make.

Behind The Scenes with Middle Child and Oktoberdee

A little insight of the home, heart and studio of Lauren - the creative behind the brands Middle Child and Oktoberdee.

11am: Studio demonstration Maker Videos

Making demo: How I Make My Portrait Earrings by Liz Lau Studio

From start to finish, Liz from Liz Lau Studio will take you through how she makes her ceramic Portrait Earrings.

Making demo: A Live Painting with Musings from the Moon

Behind the scenes live painting of Jenna's whimsical and feminine artworks from Musings from the Moon.

Making demo: Sewing a koala applique by retrobub

Watch Bronwyn from retrobub children’s clothing take you through the steps to sew one of her koala applique motifs.

12pm: A day in the life of Maker Videos

A day in the life of Bridget Bodenham

Bridget Bodenham seeks inspiration on her daily ritual taking you on a bushwalk forage with a behind the scenes glimpse of her ceramics making practice and studio in country Victoria.

A day In the Life of Sebastian Says

Go behind the scenes to discover a day in the life of Suz & Seb from Sebastian Says, from early morning coffee rituals, photoshoots and the creative design process.

A day in the life at Team Timbuktu

Follow creator Rhianna around in a typical day of her running her business, Team Timbuktu, a sustainable raincoat and activewear brand recycling plastic bottles into outdoors clothes.

2pm: How-to Tutorial Videos

How-to: The Oddish Guide to Unboring Laundry

Find out how to make a DIY Stank Spray - a pre-wash helper that will de-pong stinky areas without the nasties by The Oddish.

How-to: Grow Your Own Gourmet Mushrooms with Little Acre

How to use the Mushroom Grow Kits to get an amazing bunch of Oyster Mushrooms by Little Acre.

How-to: Paint a joyful little house plant with Georgie Daphne

A fun and simple painting exercise with textiles and plants using gouache and acrylic by Georgie Daphne.

3pm - Maker Panel chat with Peppermint Magazine

Finders Keepers Maker Panel chat with Peppermint Magazine

Peppermint hosted a virtual panel with makers Kitty Came Home, High Tea with Mrs Woo, Kingston Jewellery and Bilboa as they shared what they’ve done to innovate and connect during trying times, how the current climate has changed their business models and relationship with their customers, and what they miss most about the physical markets. It’s a conversation not to be missed!

6pm - Virtual Fashion Runway Showcase

Virtual Fashion Runway Showcase

Our very own Virtual fashion show mash-up featuring a variety of styles and flavours! Featuring 20 clever designers, and a few cameo appearances from some furry friends. Enjoy!

Featuring music:
'Johnny' by Tanzer
'Over & Out' by Sparrows
'Pride' by Froyo

7pm The Gatherer Cocktail Series with Stone & Wood

Who says you can’t host a (beer) cocktail night for yourself at home?

Brewed with watermelon, cucumber and mint, The Gatherer makes for a refreshing, beautifully bright cocktail mixer – the ideal balance to citrus, gin and tropical fruits.

Using the best of Brookies Gin range, why not shake things up with these super easy-to-make cocktail recipes using The Gatherer and a handful of ingredients you’ll find at your local supermarket.

After all, The Gatherer is beer, not as you know it. Made by our friends at Stone & Wood. Download recipes under the LOVE tab.

The Gatherer Cocktail Series: Gin & Lime - Feelin' Fine

The Gatherer Cocktail Series: The McLovin

The Gatherer Cocktail Series: Citrus & Spice

The Gatherer Cocktail Series: The Pink Pam

All video content was made and supplied with full permission from the designers and artists part of the Finders Keepers at Home program.