Leafsmith & Kin

Leafsmith & Kin

LEAF: One of the expanded, usually green organs borne by the stem of a plant; take a leaf out of someone’s book; turn over a new leaf. SMITH: Person skilled in art. Artisan, maker, specialist. & KIN: Family relationship or kinship - of the same family; having affinity; akin of the same kind or nature; and ‘gold’ in Japanese.

We create beautiful objects and lush plantings to bring spaces to life.

Our collection showcases handmade porcelain ceramics with leather and brass accoutrements, along with superb vintage one-offs like milk jugs, sugar dishes and teapots. We have a passion for all things green; filling the vessels we create or rescue, primarily with succulents.

A Sydney-based sister duo, we design and make our objects together, and in collaboration with local ceramic artist Naomi Taplin of Studio Enti.

The collection is designed to work in a range of spaces, both indoors and out, on their own, or as a family. Plants are carefully selected for their environment and come with tailored care instructions.

Nina and Bek are thrilled to be debut artists at Finders Keepers in 2015 to launch Leafsmith & Kin.