The Adventures Of

The Adventures Of

The Adventures Of is a husband and wife design and stationery studio. We make greeting cards to put smiles on faces and art prints to invite happiness into a room.

Our mission is to create without rules or boundaries. Our designs are playful and quirky, nostalgic and modern, current and classic. Each The Adventures Of product is an adventure all it’s own, involving sketching, illustrating, hand-lettering, painting - perfected until they are just right. Each limited edition design is then printed on the best paper stocks and finished by hand in our Sydney studio.

Amanda is the artistic force behind The Adventures Of - her creative experiment and a place where her imagination can run wild. If The Adventures Of were a sailing ship, Amanda would be standing on the bow, excitedly charting new waters. Benjamin is the rudder to the ship: he takes care of business. Calm and steady, a carpenter by trade, he is good with his hands and particular about details. He was born with an adventurer’s heart - as a boy you’d find him outside, barefoot, climbing trees, coming home with splintered hands and grazed knees. 

Together, we make a good crew.

Together, we are The Adventures Of.