COVID-19 Statement


To our wonderful community, 

We are finally excited to be returning and hosting events in real life in 2021.

The wellbeing of our visitors, our stallholders and our staff remains one of The Finders Keepers priorities. We have put in place comprehensive measures to comply with Government guidelines and current public health advice. You may notice some big changes this year when booking, attending and interacting with our events. Please read the information on this page carefully and feel free to CONTACT us at any time with any questions. 

Our events will be conducted in accordance with State Government Health direction and our comprehensive approved COVID Safe Management Plan. Any necessary updates will be provided via our website here and in direct communication with ticket purchasers. Vulnerable persons should talk to their doctor about what is appropriate for them. Please refer to our COVID Safe page for more information.

Our 2021 calendar of events can be found here.

In 2021, we also continue to innovate and create new opportunities for you digitally alongside our real-life events and have added online markets to our permanent roster in 2021. 

Thanks for sticking with us, we can’t wait to celebrate with you face to face and rebuild with you all this year. 

The Finders Keepers team x


Last updated Wednesday, March 3 at 9:00am



To our wonderful community, 

Let’s start with agreeing that COVID-19 has truly had a profound disruption on the arts, culture and major events sectors. All of which we play in. It is our duty to hang on. The world cannot fathom right now how much they will need us all when it comes time to rebuild. Please trust that we are doing everything we can. Absolutely everything.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate change after change due to the ongoing uncertainty that COVID-19 is presenting us all.

This week, our market hearts are heavy as we announce the incredibly challenging, yet critical decision to postpone all Finders Keepers events in 2020.

Since our last formal COVID-19 statement on August 5, 2020, huge uncertainty and major health concerns are still present, related to coronavirus. As a major event host, bringing tens of thousands of people together at each of our events, it is our duty of care to take this leadership position.

Our 2021 calendar of events can be found here.

We also promise to continue to innovate and create new opportunities for you digitally and virtually until we get back to our host cities. Opportunities where you can continue to connect from the safety of your homes. We have two exciting digital events coming up in 2020.

Finders Keepers at Home - Spring
22 - 25 October 2020

Finders Keepers Xmas Online Shopping Event
25 - 29 November 2020

We’ll be releasing more information on these coming soon. Keep an eye on your inbox over the coming weeks!

Thanks for sticking with us, we can’t wait to celebrate with you face to face and rebuild with you all in 2021. 

The Finders Keepers team x


Last updated Tuesday, September 1 at 2:00pm



To our wonderful community, 

Let’s start with assuring you that we are absolutely all still in this together. We’re writing with another update as new restrictions are unfortunately thrust upon certain parts of Australia and communities. 

Luckily for Brisbane and Sydneyside, at this stage, our plans remain to host markets in November and December this year. 

SS20 Brisbane
6 - 8 Nov 2020

SS20 Sydney
11 - 13 Dec 2020

Since our last formal below, we have been marching towards a season of Spring Summer events in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Now, with current and developing outbreaks of Covid-19 throughout Melbourne, we have had to make another hugely difficult decision. We will be postponing our Melbourne event scheduled for October 2020, for the safety of our entire community.

This event is now rescheduled for: 
12 - 14 February 2021 

For now, we continue to work extremely hard towards hosting these critical events. Events that are well designed and adhere to all new protocols and processes enforced by various levels of Government, venues and health officials. In addition, we are also continuing to work on bringing further digital programs and events to support those with access to create revenue and connection with the community. 

We want to thank you again for all of your support and sticking with us. We will continue to update this page with critical developments, and please ensure you are subscribed to our general news for regular Finders Keepers updates. 

The Finders Keepers team x


Last updated Wednesday, August 5 at 2:00 pm



To our Seller community, Supporters and friends of FK.

We want to assure you that we are absolutely all still in this together.

Earlier this year, our market hearts broke a bit when we heard that the COVID-19 developments would impact our ability to host our Autumn Winter events in 2020. We've remained upbeat and continued to work effortlessly to serve our creative and stallholder communities during this time.

The support you've all shown has helped prop us up as we've navigated these unknown waters. This pandemic has caused enormous devastation and loss for so many, induing many of you, as well as us. 

Our priority remains. That we'll still be there for our community when you’ll need us the most.

We are excited about bringing our Finders keepers spirit to our Finders Keepers at Home digital event on June 19 - 21. It won't replace our IRL events but our objectives will remain. Creativity, community and connection will still be at the core of what we produce. We hope you'll join us. 

With regards to our Spring Summer events scheduled for late 2020, we are still planning for these with our fingers and toes crossed that these will go ahead. We are watching closely the Government restriction eases as well as communicating closely with our major stakeholders and our major venue hosts. 

When we have further information on the future of our events, you will be the first to know. 

If you are interested in participating as a Stallholder in one of these events please contact us and ask to be placed on the respective waitlist. 

Last updated Wednesday, June 10 at 12:00 pm



To our Seller community, Supporters and friends of FK.

We want to assure you that we are absolutely all still in this together.

It breaks our markets hearts to bring you some further information on our current circumstances, in light of ongoing COVID-19 developments. Sadly for the safety and well being of our community and patrons, we've had no choice but to cancel our entire Autumn Winter season.

At this time, we’re asking you - our community - for your humility and extreme empathy, as we navigate through unchartered waters. We know this is causing immense hardship for many people and businesses in Australia, and all over the world. We too are a small business, we get it. 

Our priority is that we are there for our community when you’ll need us the most, and we'll do our best.

Until this point, we thank you for your courtesy and consideration. We continue to read and fill our love cups from all of your emails, comments and messages. We hope to share more of the positive stuff that creatives are doing right now to lift our spirits.

We are still planning to go ahead with our Spring Summer season and look forward to bringing back Finders Keepers in a new way.

We’re here to support you through these hard times, we want to keep the community support and creative spirit alive and will be working on simple ways that we can do that. We're going to be sharing the creative love and we’re open to ideas too!

How are you doing? What would you like to hear from us?

The Finders Keepers team x

Last updated Monday, March 30 at 8:00 pm



To our Seller community, Supporters and friends of FK.

We're all in this together.

In 12 years of operation and after hosting 64 successful events, this is the first event in our history, we've ever had wobbly legs. It breaks our market hearts to advise our community that our Autumn Winter Sydney Event will not be going ahead on the proposed dates due to this global pandemic.

A tremendous amount of time, resources and cold hard cash is already sunk for what will now be a massive loss for The Finders Keepers. To future proof our existence, we're working effortlessly to try to minimise this blow. At the same time, we're balancing the safety of our community at the core of our decision making.

To all of our Sellers and Visitors, Partners and Suppliers thank you for the ongoing support and warmth you've displayed so far during this crisis. Thank you for believing in us to bounce back and continue to serve you as a leader and champion of creative small business in Australia. 

The health and safety of our community is our first and foremost priority, and we are monitoring the situation closely with regular updates from the federal, state and city governments, as well as our venues. We're currently assessing the situation in Brisbane very carefully with our June event. We will continue to update this page weekly with any further developments. Stay tuned. Our Melbourne event is going ahead in July. 

Like the entire events industry and the creative community, The Finders Keepers will do everything they can to bounce back! We are a small business, and our business is markets. This is not our side hustle. It's our core business. Trust us that we will do everything in our power to continue to do what we can to support the creative community, but we also need you to help us.

Until we have new plans or can get some of our wild ideas off the ground to withstand this storm, please continue to support us and continue to support the small businesses we support too. 

You can shop now Online from the comfort of your own home, and support small creative business:

Until the next update, everyone stay safe and wash your hands with plenty of hope soap.

The Finders Keepers team x

Last updated Monday, March 16 at 4:00 pm