Meet the Team

We're a dedicated team of passionate people championing the work of wonderful creatives. We inject goodness into Australia's creative economy on the daily and it's through our national events that we work to elevate small businesses around the country.

Day to day we're busy making meaningful and dynamic marketplaces. Places where you can shop, explore, discover and connect with our community.

Headed up by Founders and Owners Brooke Johnston and Sarah Thornton from our HQ in Byron Bay, our team is a constellation of allstars set up in different corners of the country.

Sarah Thornton


"My personal mission is to empower others to do great things. I'm happiest when I have space to create, being in big wide open spaces with a sea breeze and great company".

Sarah heads up the Finders Keepers team alongside her business partner and co-founder BFF Brooke. From her time in the trenches of building a small business, she now understands how to build (and scale) a brand all the way from the nitty gritty to high level creative direction. From her background as a designer selling behind a market stall, to wearing many different business hats, she brings a wealth of gathered knowledge to her role as Managing Director.

Sarah oversees and drives key areas alongside her killer team and believes everyone should be their own leader. She also believes that good design is KEY to a strong brand, and strong organisation is an integral part of running the (best) show. Sarah is constantly thinking outside the square and vision planning. Her passion for authentic design, community connection and strategy has her developing new and innovative projects in her sleep.

Brooke Johnston


"I love creating in all forms. My personal mission is to create spaces and experiences with beauty and purpose. I'm not sure what's better, witnessing projects coming to life or inspiring others along the way".

Together with her business partner Sarah, Brooke is the other half of their super synergistic working partnership. Brooke's background in jewellery design and running her own brand, was the catalyst and original inspiration behind the Finders Keepers inception many moons ago. Over the years, Brooke has accumulated a vast design and manufacturing knowledge and it's her eagle detail eye that you can thank for our continued high quality calibre of events.

If you've ever been to a market with us you'll have witnessed the magic of Brooke's creative mastery, transform our venues into vessels of joy and wonder! She's oh-so-passionate about great design and craftsmanship, which has seen Finders Keepers grow into the quality curated events that we know and love today. Her personal passion is embedded in everything she touches, creating engaging environments that inspire and uplift us all.

Lindsay Pepper


"I'm on this earth not only to survive but to thrive! It's my mission to live a full life with passion, compassion, humor and a side dish of style."

Lindsay is one helluva powerhouse that comes to us from a career in managing mammoth events with one of Australia's largest hotel groups. She also grew up within her family's design business. Her skills to support streamlining and success are nothing short of super! Her personality is as big as her heart, and you'll love her as much as we all do the minute you meet her.

Lindsay's the one that makes sure every road trip runs seamlessly with an execution average that sits at the highest end of the calibre scale. From crafting mammoth floor-plans to writing run-sheets, Lindsay steers a tight ship. Best yet, she always does it with enthusiasm and infectious energy that keeps everyone upbeat.

Leana Rack

Advertising and Partnerships Manager

"I love conversation and believe every moment is an opportunity – seize it!"

As we find ourselves in this ever-changing digital world, Leana came into our lives with much-needed E-commerce and SEO superstardom as we launched the Online Marketplace. Her experience with leading brands like Brookfarm and Billabong have her in good stead to support our timely expansion on the interwebs.


Leana is also the Finders Keepers resident relationship guru. As well as developing very serious strategies for diversifying revenue, she focuses on creating meaningful pathways for partnerships. Have an idea? Want to work together? Want to join our ever-expanding community? Leana is waiting in the wings to chat with you.

Ashleigh Stallard

Community & Relationships Manager

"I believe in the power of voting with our wallets. I like to think that I live up to my sustainability values and along the way inspire those around me to do so too!"

Ashleigh comes from a background in journalism and PR and is passionate in supporting makers and do-ers be more sustainable in their businesses. She's a vocal advocate for Australian makers, running her own side hustle spruiking all about slow made, sustainable fashion and conscious consumption.

As part of the communications team, Ashleigh works with the amazing brands that support The Finders Keepers, and is always looking for ways to add value to our events and community. Ash heads up our Partnerships and Supporters Program which focuses on building relationships with like-minded businesses who are just as passionate as we are when it comes to Australian design (and she is)! She also happens to be our wonderful waste warrior, full of tips to support reducing our environmental impact.

Roxanna Chan


"Outside of work I'm happiest when I'm living true and creating connections that help spark the inner you."

Roxanna has worked the gamut from product development in the surf industry to graphic design for publishing sectors as well as event management. Not only this, but a qualified designer and silversmith too - we think she'll slot in here at Finders Keepers very very well.

Roxanna is heading up the very important role of managing our foodies! We're certain alongside her quick wit, we'll have a taste test box on the application form soon! She also joins Lindsay and Kathy to make one mega-strong team that combines our wonderful world of events and customer support. Together, they're here to ensure that the operations and administration of Finders Keepers is running optimally at all times. With Roxanna growing this ever-important team, we can't wait to see how this new addition will drive change and growth for us to become even bigger and stronger!